Remote Analog Output


The Analog Output Interface and Analog Output Wiring Base are part of a family of interfaces that serially connect to a PC. One RS422 port on the PC can connect to as many as 63 different remote interfaces in a daisy-chain fashion strung out over thousands of feet. The 115.2 KBAUD communication rate and efficient protocol allow the PC to access remote interface data at the rate of 2000 interfaces per second. The family of interfaces includes discrete I/O, encoder interface, stepper motor interface, analog inputs, analog outputs, etc.

The Analog Output package connects the PC to 4 remote analog output signals. Each output is written as an 8 bit number representing full scale. Each signal can be scaled as a 0 to 2vt, 0 to 5vt, 0 to 10vt, +/- 1vt, +/- 2.5vt, or +/- 5vt output signal.

The wiring base provides all the connection points to daisy-chain power and RS422 signals. It also provides the connections and jumper settings for the analog output signals. Other options can be jumpered on the wiring base - card address, RS422 termination, count reversal, Z pulse inversion, etc.

The Analog Output Card plugs into the wiring base. Two screws keep the card firmly attached to the wiring base. The interface can be quickly replaced without the need to disconnect wires or setup any jumpers.

Key features include:

  • RS422 communication (8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, 115.2 KBAUD).
  • Touch Safe
  • Wide range of input power with on-board switching regulator (7 to 38 VDC).
  • Indicators for inputs, outputs, power, and communications.
  • Industrial case and shield.
  • Quick change connector (no wires to remove or jumpers to set).
  • Din rail mounted wiring base for ease of installation.
  • Dual terminal strips for easy daisy-chain wiring.
  • Up to 63 remote cards can be daisy-chained to the same RS422 cable.

Status: Future Product

This product is a member of the PC Remote I/O Family.

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