PC Remote I/O Overview


The 1592B Remote I/O card and the 1593 Wiring Base is an 8 input and 8 output remote interface card system. Key features are:
  • Optically isolated inputs ( 5 to 40 VDC ).
  • Isolated, Fused, Relay contact outputs ( 0.5 amp maximum ).
  • RS422 communication ( 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, 115.2 kBAUD ).
  • Touch Safe
  • A 2 second watch-dog relay ( detects loss of RS422 communication).
  • Wide range of input power with on-board switching regulator ( 7 to 40 VDC ).
  • Indicators for inputs, outputs, power, and communications.
  • Industrial case and shield.
  • Quick change connector ( no wires to remove or jumpers to set ).
  • Din rail mounted wiring base for ease of installation.
  • Dual terminal strips for ease of wiring.
  • Up to 63 remote cards can be daisy-chained to the same RS422 cable.
PC Remote I/O

PC Remote I/O specs and manual

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